Post Mango

studio-02Founded in 2006 Post Mango has delivered innovative visuals for more than 15 feature films and many high end commercials. The company has been at the forefront of creative workflows and bringing high end visual effects to the big screen, tv and the web. The company specializes in working closely with producers and directors on the creation and following through to the completion.

Sean Findley

Founder, CEO

Sean has led the company from its formation in 2006 to a thriving visual effects business with relationships with all the major studios. Sean began his career as an expert in the field of digital cinema and continues to be a hands-on visual effects producer for all projects.

Stephen Bender

Director of Business Development 

In 2006 while working at Silver Pictures, Stephen assisted the structuring of a $240 million film portfolio fund with numerous institutional investors and lenders to produce more than ten feature films and to be distributed globally by Warner Bros. In 2014, helped merge the independent film production company Silver Pictures with the multi-billion dollar Oilers Entertainment Group in a $75 million deal to provide funding and overhead for major motion pictures, television and digital projects. 

Pamela Jones


Pam is Chief Financial Officer at Post Mango and has spent twenty years in the world of finance – primarily banking, investments and loans – before transitioning to the film industry in 2008. Pam is credited as production accountant on over 30 films.


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Design & AnimationStoryboardPre-VizVFXROTO3D Tracking

Post Mango employs top of the line designers and animators for feature film and commercial work.

 Post Mango completed all the Storyboard work for Chronicle and Devil’s Due for FOX. We also employ top of the line storyboard artists for Commercial work.


Post Mango completed all the Pre-Viz work for Chronicle which ended up being the catalyst that green lit the film for director Josh Trank. 

We work with directors and producers throughout the entire process to help design, plan and create visual effects to support their storytelling. 

Post Mango has an extremely innovative and competent project management team along with artists who have the reputation of providing the best 2D digital paint and roto. We have immense expertise in delivering unparalleled VFX Rotoscoping services and Stereo Rotoscoping services.

Post Mango employs award winning motion tracking and match-moving artists that use industry standard programs at the highest level.