Post Mango

Founded in 2006, Post Mango has delivered innovative visuals for more than 35 feature films and several high-end commercials. Along with spearheading creative workflows and producing top-notch visual effects for the big screen, TV and web, we also specialize in closely collaborating with producers and directors every step of the way—from a project’s conception to completion.

Sean Findley

Founder, VFX Producer

Sean has led the company from its formation in 2006 to a thriving visual effects business with relationships with all the major studios. Sean began his career as an expert in the field of digital cinema and continues to be a hands-on visual effects producer for all projects.

Stephen Siemens

VFX Coordinator

Stephen joined Post Mango in 2017 after graduating with an MFA in Film from the David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts. He has worked on more than 30 feature films and television series with Post Mango. Stephen is a visual effects coordinator and artist, so while he’s supervising projects to meet deadlines with the team, he’s also “in the trenches” completing visual effects, shot by shot. He finds this to be one of the most creatively fulfilling industries that exists.


Post Mango employs top of the line designers and animators for feature film and commercial work.

Post Mango completed all the Storyboard work for Chronicle and Devil’s Due for FOX. We also employ top of the line storyboard artists for Commercial work.

We work with directors and producers throughout the entire process to help design, plan and create visual effects to support their storytelling.

Post Mango has an extremely innovative and competent project management team along with artists who have the reputation of providing the best 2D digital paint and roto. We have immense expertise in delivering unparalleled VFX Rotoscoping services and Stereo Rotoscoping services.

Post Mango employs award winning motion tracking and match-moving artists that use industry standard programs at the highest level.